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  Womens Boots For Big Calves - Finding The Right Pair  

Boots are getting trendy these days and many women are considering in wearing them for fashion but not every woman are able to get the right pair that will fit them. There are considerable reasons as to why women are having difficulty getting the right pair but majority of them is that their calves are too big it will not even reach the insides it gets stuck when it gets inside the shaft.

The challenge that is faced by every woman is that they are looking for the cutest pair that will go nicely with their feet only to find out that zipper cannot even reach the upper calf. Another disappointment that is faced by the majority is the big calf because not all shoe manufacturers are able to give specific sizes they generally make boots that fits the majority. Some women do find some pairs that will fit them the problem they face too is that they are not comfortable while walking with it.

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Shoe manufacturers are reconsidering this fact as more, more women are faced with this problem, and majority of them have athletic calves. That is why there is already an available size of boots for big calves . Even when they have manufactured a size for the big calves, just one general size will not fit every feet of the woman. There are different sizes of the feet for this specific kind but the size of its calf also differs with the size of the shoe. The basic categories of the size of the calf that will fit are composed of three. First category is average in which the size of the calf of the boots is ruled out that it will possibly fit you. The measurement ranges from 16 inches to 18.25 inches. Next category of the big boots are extra wide calf boots that has a little overlapping range for the size which ranges from 17.5 inches to 20 inches. Lastly, which ranks as super wide calf boots measures the size of the calf from 18 inches to 21 inches.

Measure Your Calf Width For The Best Big Calf Boots

When measuring the size of your feet, measure the part that is the widest. This one basic trick will lead you to find the best bigger calf boots for your feet. There might be pairs that are made only for you. That is why there are some stocks in stores, which are yet to be sold because they are too big for other women to fit.

When you see that the measurement of the widest part of your feet falls somewhere at cutoff points like for example 17.5 inches then you will have to consider boots for big calves at lower size. Once you try it on, stretch them a little slightly so that they will fit you. This pair is usually favored because of its extra fabric. You could have another option though by buying something a little larger than your size and let the shaft bring in so that your boots will fit perfectly on you, although this method can be quite a bit tricky and difficult. So when faced this kind of situation wherein you are not comfortable with it at all, then choosing smaller sizes will be better.

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