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  Wide Calf Rain Boots - The Plus Size Rubber Footwear  

It is inevitable that people are physically different from each other when it comes to their feet size. Some are big while some are small. However, functionality and fashion should not be sacrificed, just because of their sizes. That is why wide calf rain boots are present in the market.

Wide calf rain boots come in different colors and different designs. They come in black, brown, and dark blue. They also come in yellow, pink and white. There are even times that these boots will come in different designs as well. They may have a polka dot design, design all over it, and stripped black and white. Other than having designs for plain colors only, they also come with buckles, shoelaces, zippers, and a small area where one can hide a small knife. There are those that have other types of accessories such as flowers, ribbons, stars, and even half moons. These accessories are usually attached to the boot using a super hard adhesive like super glues.

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Most of the boots that are released in the market, fit for women who have small calves. Boots are not only for fashion but also for functions as well. Boots are usually used to protect the feet from the elements. They prevent the entry of these elements because of their closely stitched design. Women who have big calves also need to protection from the elements. Therefore, rain boots are made to address this need. These wide leg boots help them protect their feet without sacrificing comfort. It lets them move about comfortably without feeling too tight or too stiff. This is essential so that they will still be able to do their usual stuff.

Shopping For Plus Size Rain Boots

When shopping for plus size rain boots, you must always consider first their size. This will help you narrow down the search. You can choose a tight fit, just enough, or even extra large (larger than your size). You should also consider what type of fabric you would like to have. You can choose a wide variety such as leather, rubber, snakeskin, crocodile skin and the like. You should also consider the purpose for buying the boot. If it is for formal occasions, look for a more formal design. If it is for day-to-day wear, look for the one that you are most comfortable with. As what was mentioned earlier, these boots come in different colors and different designs. Choose the boot that you know that will suit most of your clothes.

Boots are not just for fashion but also for functions. They may come in different colors and/or designs but they still are the same. Functionality should never be sacrificed just because you would like to get fashionable. It should never be the other way around as well. Shopping for large calf rain boots is not easy if you are not sure what you want. Always narrow down your choices by thinking about your size, the design, the color, and the fabric you want.

Plus Size Rain Boots

Different Styles Of Wide Calf Rain Boots

We have here a polka dot design, stripped design, animal patches design, as well as flowery design for a wide calf rain boot. It is a mid calf boot with an adjustable buckle near the opening. This buckle can help you tighten the boot if the opening will be too loose already. It comes in different colors such as black and white, pink and black, red and black, and many others. The sole of this boot is rubber giving it the extra grip in slippery floor. The measurement of the heel is approximately one inch while the platform measures around half of an inch. You can step in the puddles and find that this rain boot is durable and water resistant. In buying this, we also recommend that you choose the next fully size down your size. For example, you are size 8; choose size 7 as this type of boot tends to run big after how many uses.

We also have laced-up wide calf rain boots. This boot is military-inspired with an adjustable buckle on top to achieve perfect fit. It has a strong grip and durable because of the lugged sole. The combination of the materials used is rubber upper, nylon lining and a rubber sole. You can put it on as a pull-on style but you can also undo the laces. The heel is approximately one inch in height. The height of the shaft varies from 14 and a half-inch to 15 and a half-inch depending on the circumference of your calf. It comes in two colors namely black and green. The size may range from five to ten.

We have zipper wide calf rain boots for those who are in to zippers as well as buckles. The zipper is located at the side of the boots. It has a gel insole while the sole itself is made of rubber. The shaft and the upper part are made of genuine leather while the lining is synthetic. The height of the heel is one and quarter of an inch while the shaft is 14 inches long. It comes in three colors namely the dark brown calf, the cognac calf, and the black calf. The natural latex rubber will release a protective wax during hot or humid weather. You can just simply wipe if off using a damp cloth. Size for this rain boot ranges from five to ten.

The above wide calf rain boots presented are just some of the rains boots available for those who have wide calves. You might be able to find some more of these designs online as well as the local store near you.

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